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You may think that getting a real sex girlfriend is always better than a virtual sex girlfriend, but give the virtual sex girl a chance. Virtual sex girlfriends have many advantages and are not just for pathetic, lonely, people. In fact, there are many rich, well-adjusted, people who have virtual girlfriends or mistresses - they\'re just very discrete about them. Why do some men prefer a virtual girlfriend over a real girlfriend?

Advantages of a Virtual Sex Girlfriend:

- Low maintenance.
Virtual sex girlfriends do not need expensive dresses or jewelry. They do not need to eat, sleep, or spend hours putting on make-up. With a virtual girlfriend, there will be no whining to go to expensive five star restaurants and no wasteful spending on useless girly gifts. Your virtual girlfriend will always look sexy, and be available at your beck and call 24/7.

- Always attractive.
Virtual sex girlfriends are made to fit your dreams. Which one do you prefer? Blonde, Brunette, Brond or Red-head? One or all three will always be available.

- Virtual sex girlfriends are fun, and obedient. They have a set of pre-programmed actions which they will perform on command, similar to dogs, but without all the treats. Unlike real girlfriends they will not invent annoying actions of their own such as nagging, throwing things at your head, slapping, or gouging you with their fake fingernails.

- Easy and safe. Even without champagne and strawberries, you will still have an inflatable body to have virtual sex with throughout the night. If you detest cuddling afterwards, your virtual sex girlfriend can be quickly deflated for easy storage.

- Will never break your heart. And best of all - there are no costly weddings and no messy divorce!

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